Per la maggior parte dei miei assistiti le Qsl vanno richieste solo via dirette .



For many of you this is the easiest simplest option to complete your request



Direct PayPal QSL card Request Information
For QSL cards for stations I manage please follow the steps below.  This will help you get your QSL cards efficiently.

  • Check the online electronic log on this website to make sure you are in the log for the QSO that you are requesting. 
    This is important as this is used by me to check you have made the QSO. Check Log Here
  • If you are in the log you can manage your request by PayPal and have your card posted direct to you
  • You are not required to send me your card
  • Generally you can get 3 QSL cards in an envelope for the 20g postage weight limit
  • Cards for up to 3 of my managed stations can be sent in each envelope to your address

The QSL service is free and the costs are to cover postage, envelopes, labels and printing etc.

Europe = 2,5 Euro
Outside of Europe = 3,5 Euro - Oceania 4,5 Euro

If you have any questions please email me at this address ik2duw@yahoo.it

    • Below is the link to make your QSL request via PayPal please select the appropriate cost for your address
    • My PayPal account name is ik2duw@yahoo.it
    • Please remember to tell me your call
    • What Station and QSO's you are requesting
    • Most important your address for the cards to be sent to
    • An email address for you would be ideal as this can solve any queries I need to ask you
    • Please select money EURO in you PayPal account


Richiedi QSL




Per chi invia una busta pre-affrancata, dal 2015
dovrà aggiungere le spese della cancelleria.

New postal rates in Italy since 1 oct 2015
0.95 EUR for Italy

1.00 EUR for Europe
2.20 EUR outside Europe
2.90 EUR Pacific (VK-ZL)

This is for lightweight letters, max 20 grams.
Should you want to receive a direct please include:

2 USDs for Europe + SAE or 2,5 euro via OQRS no SAE

3 USDs outside of Europe + SAE or 2 IRC or 3,50 euro via OQRS no SAE

4 USDs VK-ZL Pacific Area + SAE or 4,50 euro via OQRS no SAE


If use IRC add 1 usd
1 irc + 1 usd for one request of Qsl.




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